Yessenov Lectures



The Yessenov Lectures is a series of guest lectures delivered by professionals and experts in various fields.  Guest lectures by representatives of various industry companies will give students a better understanding of the modern labour market's requirements and the chance to assess their potential and find ways for further improvement and personal growth.



- To give students an additional opportunity for effective learning;

- To create an arena for students to interact with leading professionals to attain more knowledge and widen their scope;

- To give students the opportunity of an all-round development and to enhance their effectiveness.



- Forming a pool of lecturers willing to share their knowledge and thoughts on a pro-bono basis;

- Forming a pool of lecture attendees who, looking forward, would help with the assessment of the dynamics.




  • Oleg Khe – Kazakhstani journalist and publisher of Isker Media shares with the students the principles of a successful carrier and media projects. Lectures took place at the al-Farabi National and Almaty Management universities. His company publishes the weekly "Business&Power" business newspaper and the “RBC — Real Business of Kazakhstan” magazine. “Isker Media” also owns the web-resource. The lecture was modelled on publications of Stephen Covey, an American consultant and expert in management. 


  • Nurlybek Mursaliev is a young Kazakh scientist doing a Ph.D at Stanford University, Department of Biology. His lecture on How stem cells are similar to early mouse embryos takes place within the grounds of the Asfendiyarov National Medical University. 


  • Andrey Astakhov is a businessperson, director of Caravan Beverages Group (Pago, Vittel, Perrier) and the President of the Rotary Club Almaty. Andrey discusses the nuances of working in a niche business and its development, as well as an entrepreneur’s social responsibility based on personal experience. 



  • Assel Yezhikova and Berik Kaliullaev – students of the Asfendiyarov Naitonal Medical University - talk about the what’s and how’s of winning the foundation’s grant for the US summer research internships and share their first-hand experience of the internships they have completed too.



  • Artyom Yakupov - an ultrarunner and a triathlete, and one of the organizers of the Almaty Marathon too. He spoke up about how to take up running and most importantly, how not to give it up. 




The first Yessenov Lectures took place at the Satpayev Kazakh National Technical

and the al-Farabi Kazakh National universities in September, 2014 and were led by a British Professor of Active Tectonics James Jackson.

Yessenov Lectures

The lectures resulted in the following:

- Direct contacts were established between the universities' scientists;

Yessenov Lectures

- A Ph.D student Bauyrzhan Kurmanov was invited to join Professor Jackson's research team. Bauyrzhan has already completed an internship in Oxford.  

February-March 2015, Satpayev KazNTU and Asfendiyarov KazNMU hosted the Courage to be the first lectures that discussed how to lay the foundation for personal and professional growth by leading a healthy lifestyle.  The lectures were delivered by Valikhan Ten, an expert in the field of healthy lifestyle - master of sports, champion of Asia, bronze medalist of the World and European Championships, multiple champion of Kazakhstan in powerlifting and bodybuilding, an author of books on healthy eating and fitness as well as the organizer of Almaty Marathon. 

Yessenov Lectures 

April 27, Institute Sorbonne - Kazakhstan (Abai KazNPU): A Spanish genius, author of an innovative 8Belts methodology and the Los 88 Peldaños del Exito bestseller and founder of a successful project, Anxo Perez delivered a lecture titled 88 Steps to Success.  

Yessenov Lectures


The lecture: