The guide "The Secrets of Ustyurt" was published in Kazakhstan. The book with a circulation of 1,200 copies will be available in stores of the Republic by Nauryz (20’s of March). The Scientific and Educational Foundation named after Academician Shahmardan Yesenov financed the publication.


The guide has been published in the framework of the Foundation's Program "Publishing and the promotion of science". It was printed in pocket size and follows the 1400 km route of Nomad Explorer auto expedition that 270 enthusiasts attempted last spring. The main purpose of the trip was the promotion and development of domestic tourism in Kazakhstan. 


— In the beginning of last year the organizers of Nomad Explorer offered to us to partially finance their expedition to Mangyshlak. Academician Shakhmardan Yessenov — the 90th anniversary of whom the country just celebrated —  discovered deposits of minerals on the peninsula (they are still the backbone of the economy of the country), and the Mangyshlak, part of which is the Ustyurt plateau, thanks to the efforts of the scientist, remained the Kazakhstan’s territory. Therefore, we decided not only to support the expedition, but to publish a guide book of their route. I think that the book will encourage our compatriots to hit the road and visit not only the Ustyurt, but also other interesting landmarks of our country, — said the coordinator of the programs of the Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation - Nursultan Nurmukhanov.


The book describes at least the 14 man-made and natural attractions of the region that the expedition’s participants met on their way. In total, there are more than 11,000 of such places of interest at the Mangyshlak. The guide is published in three languages (including Russian and English). 


— I have traveled a lot and participated in similar trips around the world, but what I saw in the Ustyurt caused an incredible feeling. This is the place where you can draw inspiration. Cosmic landscapes, beautiful places, your mind and soul rest here, you fill with energy and emotions — said the participant of the expedition - businessman Azhar Dzhandosova


Readers can find photo postcards, map of the expedition, road tips and short descriptions of attractions in the guide "Secrets of Ustyurt". The publication features high quality photos taken by the expedition’s participants.


— The places I'd never seen. Intuition and information that we had before the trip helped us to decide that we would definitely go there. And the choice proved to be correct. Unreal beauty, unprecedented energy, even the sacredness of the plateau — we wanted everyone to feel it by visiting Ustyurt. And I think the guide will help in it, — Azamat Mukhametzhanov, the member of the organizing сommittee of Nomad Explorer added.