Target Audience

To implement the main strategic objectives, the Foundation works with:

  •  Students
  •  Professors and teachers of higher education institutions  
  •  Business people                       
  •  Partners and investors
  •  Start-Uppers
  •  NGOs and NCOs


Undergraduates and postgraduates who have the experience and/or are willing to develop the national science.  

Young and talented specialists who are also active citizens of their country, and are both willing to make positive life changes and enhance self-performance.


Professors and teachers:

Professors and teachers of higher educational institutions who have interesting research projects and initiatives in science, innovations and new technologies.


Business people: entrepreneurs and companies

Professionals or companies who believe in and further the making of our Foundation’s projects and support us either on an ongoing basis or provide a one-time voluntary service. 


Partners and investors:  individuals and companies of substance, willing to invest in to our Programs and projects:

People of substance, transnational corporations and other legal entities willing to invest financial assets and provide with objects for the Foundation’s projects and are potential Investors.

Investors gain benefits from receiving access to the integrated reserve of viable and innovative business ideas supported by high-quality business plans, allowing raising profit on the invested capital. They also receive benefits from communicating with like-minded people and other investors



Individuals of talent who have either patented or license-pending ideas on science, technology and engineering.


NGOs and NCOs:

Sector of non- governmental and commercial organisations which can become the Foundation’s co-partners in achieving common goals.