Strategic directions

The Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation is a scientific and educational fund which was created in 2013 in the best tradition of patronage in order to develop higher education, science, and innovation in Kazakhstan.  The Foundation’s work is based on the principles of openness to co-operation, transparency of realized programs and efficiency of performance co-efficient.


Strategic directions of the Foundation’s activities are:



The Foundation will participate in a number of programs with partners in order to achieve the following goals:


1. Increase of the professionalism and competitiveness of the Kazakhstani experts in the field of geology, prospecting oil and gas, power industry, ecology, and also accompanying specialties and branch management.

2. Improve the popularity of science as a whole and promote the use of reading as a tool to gain knowledge and as a source of information for intellectual development.

3. Develop academic connections between Kazakhstani educational institutions and scientific institutions and other institutes of higher education abroad by means of educational grants and academic exchanges.



1) English language program for the students of CSUTE named after Sh. Yessenov;

2) Enhancing the English Language Teaching Methods for the teachers of CSUTE named after Sh. Yessenov;

3) Publication of books (“All Simple is The Truth”, the Atlas);

4) Academic exchange programs;

5) Yessenov Scholarship progam;



The Foundation will implement several scientific research programs aimed at achieving the following objectives:


1. Development of science in Kazakhstan, in particular, development of research activity;

2. Ensuring that graduates meet personnel requirements at Kazakhstani and foreign companies working in oil, gas, and mining sectors;


3. Creation of an innovative laboratory that will allow to do pioneering work based on broad studies of the Kazakhstani natural resources and its quality and properties and their appliance in novel technologies;

4. Development of science in Kazakhstan and implementing innovative technologies into domestic industry to service the further development of the power, mineralogical, and agricultural industries; 

5. Search and screening and supporting talented youth in order to create human capital assets in the fields of classical and applied sciences.  



1) Yessenov Labs;

2) Program of commercialization and promotion of research and development; 

3) Program of study placement in the laboratories of the USA; 



The Foundation will implement several programs for the following purposes: 

1. Creating and education of qualitative personnel capital;

2. Improving the personnel component of the leading organisations and enterprises;

3. Developing an institute of volunteering and increasing the efficiency of the implementation of volunteer programs.



1) Program of enhancing personal performance for students and young specialists;

2) “Komanda SOS” Volunteers Coordinating Centre;

3) “CоМеТа” Talent pool program

4) “School of Trainers” program.