Press Book


The meaning of our Foundation’s logo is:



Purpose of colours in any graphic representation is to catch one’s eye and uncover the image’s philosophy. We used just one colour in the logo of our Foundation – the violet. 

Colour science says, that violet is the colour of philosophers and daydreamers, the people inclined to possess creativity and further science, education and high technologies and the worldwide progress.  

Thus, the colour of the Foundation’s logo conveys the following: 

The Shakhmardan Yessenov Foundation is the organisation aimed at development of intellectual potential of Kazakhstan, by means of realization of scientific research projects and educational programs prioritising efficiency and commitment. The Foundation is focused on successful results and differs with its respect for the society, its partners, the state and the scientific community of Kazakhstan.



The logo of the Foundation is made up of six horizontal and three vertical lines which, when combined, represent the first letters of “Шахмардан Есенов” (Shakhmardan Yessenov), the famous Kazakh scientist, whose name is given to our Foundation. 


Each of these nine lines bears its own meaning: 

• The first three lines symbolise the three strategic directions of the Foundation: knowledge, science, and resources;

• The next three lines symbolise the three targeted groups of the Foundation’s programs: education, business, and the society;

• The top three lines symbolise the main tools of the Foundation: grants, its own projects ,and partner programs.